AusDM 2014 Conference Program

The Program of AusDM 2014 Conference is now available at It features two keynote talks, one on Learning in Sequential Decision Problems by Prof Peter Bartlett from UC Berkeley, and the other on Making Sense of a Random World through Statistics by Prof Geoff McLachlan from University of Queensland. It also has a half-day workshop on R and Data Mining, providing hands-on experience on data mining with R. Moreover, there will be 24 presentations of accepted papers, covering topics on machine learning, information retrieval, health & bioinformatics,  collaborative filtering & recommendation, clustering, data fusion, record linkage and sensor networks.

See detailed conference program at and register for the conference at

About Yanchang Zhao

I am a data scientist, using R for data mining applications. My work on R and data mining:; Twitter; Group on Linkedin; and Group on Google.
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