RDataMining Slides Series

by Yanchang Zhao, RDataMining.com

I have made a series of slides on R and data mining, based on my book titled R and Data Mining — Examples and Case Studies. The slides will be used at my presentations at seminars to graduate students at Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (UJAT), prior to my keynote speech on Analysing Twitter Data with Text Mining and Social Network Analysis at the CONAIS 2014 conference in Mexico in October 2014.

The slides cover seven topics below. Click the links to download them in PDF files.

I will make more slides in near future, such as social network analysis with R and big data analysis with R. Keep tuned with RDataMining.com.

About Yanchang Zhao

I am a data scientist, using R for data mining applications. My work on R and data mining: RDataMining.com; Twitter; Group on Linkedin; and Group on Google.
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3 Responses to RDataMining Slides Series

  1. martin smith says:

    What a great, informative bunch of slides. I love browsing through them. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  2. I will give a talk on R and Data Mining at Amazon in Seattle on 8 October, based on the above RDataMining Slide Series. The topics of the talk include classification, text mining and association rule mining with R.

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