Step by step to build my first R Hadoop System

by Yanchang Zhao,

After reading documents and tutorials on MapReduce and Hadoop and playing with RHadoop for about 2 weeks, finally I have built my first R Hadoop system and successfully run some R examples on it. My experience and steps to achieve that are presented at Hopefully it will make it easier to try RHadoop for R users who are new to Hadoop. Note that I tried this on Mac only and some steps might be different for Windows.

Before going through the complex steps, you may want to have a look what you can get with R and Hadoop. There is a video showing Wordcount MapReduce in R at

If you are interested enough to try R on Handoop, please follow the steps below, whose details are available at

1. Install Hadoop
2. Run Hadoop
3. Install R
4. Install RHadoop
5. Run R jobs on Hadoop
6. What’s Next

Enjoy MapReducing with R!

About Yanchang Zhao

I am a data scientist, using R for data mining applications. My work on R and data mining:; Twitter; Group on Linkedin; and Group on Google.
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2 Responses to Step by step to build my first R Hadoop System

  1. mh says:

    Hi Zhao, the example video is online again 😉

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