Call for chapters: Data Mining Applications with R

Data Mining Applications with R
A book to be published by Elsevier
Proposal Submission Deadline: April 30, 2012

R is one of the most widely used data mining tools in scientific and business applications, among dozens of commercial and open-source data mining software. It is free and expandable with over 3,600 packages. However, it is not easy for beginners to find appropriate packages or functions to use for their data mining tasks. It is more difficult, even for experienced users, to work out the optimal combination of multiple packages or functions to solve their business problems and the best way to use them in the data mining process of their applications. This book aims to facilitate using R in data mining applications by presenting real-world applications in various areas.

This book will present around 20 applications on data mining with R. Each application is to be presented as one chapter, covering its background, business problems, data extraction and exploration, data preprocessing, modeling, model evaluation, findings and model deployment. In this way, it will help readers to learn to solve real-world problems with a set of data mining techniques and then apply the techniques and methodologies in their own data mining projects. Code examples and sample data will be provided, so that readers can easily learn the techniques by running the codes by themselves.

Target audience
The audience includes data miners, analysts and R users from industry, and university students and researchers who are interested in data mining with R.

Real-world applications on data mining with R. Some examples of application domains are, but not limited to
* Finance
* Retail
* Insurance
* Telecommunications
* Government
* Crime & Homeland Security
* Stock Market
* Social Welfare
* Social Media
* Sports
* Medicine and Health
* Education
* Patent
* Transport
* Real Estate
* Meteorology
* Bioinformatics
* Sentiment Analysis
* Environment
* Manufacturing
* Spatial Data Analysis
* Scientific Computing
* Other application areas

Submission procedure
Data miners and analysts are invited to submit by April 30, 2012, a 1-2 page manuscript proposal clearly explaining the mission and concerns of the proposed chapter. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by May 15, 2012 about the status of their proposals. Full chapters are due by July 31, 2012. All submitted chapters will be reviewed by 2 or 3 reviewers. Please submit your chapter proposals and full chapters at

Details about the book are available at

Book editors and contacts
Dr. Yanchang Zhao, Australia
yanchangzhao at gmail dot com

Mr. Yonghua Cen
Univ. of Technology, Sydney, Australia
justin.cen at gmail dot com

About Yanchang Zhao

I am a data scientist, using R for data mining applications. My work on R and data mining:; Twitter; Group on Linkedin; and Group on Google.
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