Statistics with R – Lots of R Examples

Statistics with R” is a great R graphics & stats website. It provides lots of R examples, covering many analytics topics. It is also available as a PDF document to download at the website, as well as the R codes. The table of contents of the document are as below.

1. Introduction to R
2. Programming in R
3. From Data to Graphics
4. Customizing graphics
5. Factorial methods: Around Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
6. Clustering
7. Probability Distributions
8. Estimators and Statistical Tests
9. Regression
10. Other regressions
11. Regression Problems — and their Solutions
12. Generalized Linear Models: logistic regression, Poisson regression, etc.
13. Analysis of Variance (Anova)
14. Mixed Models
15. Time series
16. Miscellaneous
17. Applications

Group on Linkedin:
Group on Google:

About Yanchang Zhao

I am a data scientist, using R for data mining applications. My work on R and data mining:; Twitter; Group on Linkedin; and Group on Google.
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5 Responses to Statistics with R – Lots of R Examples

  1. George Hart says:

    The .pdf does not download/open because does not start with a %pdf


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  3. Hi George

    The file is a compressed archive named as “all.pdf.bz2”, as you can see by hovering pointer over it. The PDF file can be extracted, e.g. with WinRAR.

    Pls check the file extension name after downloading or when you are prompted to set a file name.


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